Our Technology

We are leaders in providing intelligence-based regulatory technology to the financial services industry.

We specialise in bespoke intelligence software solutions and have created the next generation KYC/KYS Regulation and Compliance technology, designed to manage suppliers/vendor and third and fourth party risk, through working in partnership with key insurers and data providers.

Albany has designed an agile suite of interacting platforms, which can be tailored to meet your regulatory obligations, business as usual and compliance needs. This alleviates pressure from heightened regulatory scrutiny, so that compliance is no longer burdensome, freeing up time, people, administrative and financial resources.

Albany's technology enables critical business decisions to be made instantly. Our software can be deployed within minutes and does not require lengthy product training. It is simple, effective and easy to use.

We are based in the UK, which is the hub of our research and development.

Revolutionising the regulatory supply chain management process through innovative technology.

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We think technology should be like water - simple, clear and refreshing.