The True Cost Of Open Source & Social Media Search & Investigations

In the commercial world information is of greatest value when it contributes to the decision making process by providing reasoned insight into conditions or situations. This may occur as a result of its association with other information from the investigators experience because raw data by itself has relatively limited use. However, when data is collected from many information sources and processed into an intelligible form it becomes highly valuable, defendable and actionable intelligence to support decision making across any organisation.

It is estimated that 70% of an investigators time is spent searching for the specific piece of evidence they are looking for, involving visiting many websites and relying on the websites search engine to surface the information, from our recent research we have found that just searching for information alone costs £21,000 per year per investigator, therefore a team of 10 investigators would cost £210,000 per year! (Based on annual salary of £25,000 + associated staffing costs).

By simply allowing investigators to search multiple information sources including social media, Google, Bing and other commercial search engines, investigator selected websites, global news sites,RSS feeds, shared intelligence and your own in house closed source data we take search and investigators from hours to minutes.

Having access to all of this information allows you to either monitor in real time or search historical information looking for the all important piece of evidence by adopting our collaboration module users are able to work collaboratively streamlining investigations.

By applying our best in class technology solutions and training we are able to take everyday users and researchers and turn them into highly capable open source and social media investigators.