One single point of contact to manage, audit & review your global supply chain

The Conect Platform

Compliance does not need to be hard work. Conect seamlessly interacts with your business, making governance and oversight of third parties effortless. It will manage your audit & work flow and deliver results.


A global platform which truly bridges the gaps in your business, Conect allows you to easily manage the professional, contractual and performance information of all third parties with which you interact – including Cover holders, MGAs, Brokers, TPAs, Lawyers, Loss Adjusters and any other supplier.

Seamlessly connecting your whole supply chain with an audit support function to keep your business compliant. It effortlessly interacts from screen to screen taking the user straight to the correct data to enable them to conduct the enquiry and access the correct information within three clicks. This is the first of its kind truly global platform that bridges the gaps in your business. 


Conect Profile Search Screen

FCA conduct & compliance in the blink of an eye.

  • Global platform for the management of third parties, to include  an overview profile summary, SLAs, contracts, fee cards, third party contacts, delegated authority and loss fund summary, storage of governance documentation, management of complaints and compliments, management of conduct and other training records.
  • Ability to store documents against profiles, including archiving.
  • Guided due diligence process, including flags for non-answer and document storage.
  • Ability for users to search for particular third parties, or categories of third parties.
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Screen Showing Profile Sample

  • Ability to have different functionality for different parts of the business.
  • Ability for third parties to log in to the system and maintain their data (restricted editing rights). Access restricted to their profile only.
  • Tiered access (differentiated user access rights – eg full editorial/read only/third party limited editing limited view/auditor access).
  • Centralised management of user logins.
  • Ability to produce MI reports from all information stored in the system.
  • Integrated FCA compliance portal
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  • Internal and external Audit
  • Complete supplier compliance storage
  • Global platform easily accessible by all


  • Single point to manage your global supply chain
  • Accountable with full audit function
  • Automatic alerting for reviewing
  • Simple to understand and easy to use

Global platform for the management of third parties

Centralised control and governance of all third parties, including Coverholders, MGAs, Brokers, TPAs, Lawyers, Loss Adjusters and other suppliers.

Unique profiles

Store contracts, SLAs, fee cards, MI, due diligence records, complaints and compliments against each third party.

Management of Delegated Authorities

Dedicated control of delegated authorities.

Direct access for third parties

Third parties can log in to their own profile page, allowing direct input of management information, KPIs, contact details, conduct and training records, complaints logs and more, frees your time to focus on managing the performance of your third parties.

Bespoke tailored to the needs of your business

Ability to have different functionality for different parts of the business and to “ring-fence” parts of your business.

Intelligent search functionality

Find the profile you need in seconds.

Guided due diligence process

including flags for non-answer and document storage.

Targeted MI Portal And bespoke Dashboard

Management information at your fingertips, tailored to your business needs.

Reminders and escalation

Ensures information is kept up to date and governance on track.

Tiered user access

Differentiated access rights from read only or restricted access to full editorial rights and everything in between.

Centralised user management

Easily control and oversee user access.