Albany Technologies

Innovation is key to constantly evolving technology

Bath Road studios is the Hub of our research and development.

Albany Technologies specialises in software for bespoke intelligence and investigation solutions. Our motto is innovate or die: we believe there is always a solution. Our market leading and pioneering intelligence tool ORA has proved that. It is constantly developing in response to customer feedback and leads the way for open source intelligence. It is simple to use yet powerful. It is a truly comprehensive intelligence gathering tool using facial recognition and biometrics recognition by partnering with Smile Pass. 

We integrate proven software and a fundamental understanding of open source and deep web search, due diligence and investigations to create a high-quality research tool. Working in an increasingly competitive marketplace, it is vital that we stay at the leading edge of innovation for our customers. Albany invests heavily in product development and innovation. We will always design our solutions built on customer feedback, our years of experience and understanding of the evolution technologies and its capabilities.

Our customers are always the main focus at Albany. We continuously strive to recognise and understand our customers needs and create quality intelligence and software based solutions to meet those needs. This is done by working together with all our customers, building and maintaining good relationships and most importantly continually adapting to their requirements.

Our experienced team have decades of experience working within both the public safety and national security, investigation and intelligence and software provision to providing services to a variety of blue chip organisations and across many industry sectors including Insurance, Finance, Legal, Recruitment and Government.

If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.

Understanding Business Processes

We're quick at understanding the way you work.

Telling you Truth

We will be honest, frank and unbiased in our opinions.

Focussing on the real world

Real business problems need real solutions not just tech words and current trends

Helping your team

We will complement your current team and add invaluable additional skills.

Experience the benefits of fresh thinking from experienced minds

We can provide help with:

  • System specification creation 
  • Business process creation/optimisation
  • Technology strategy creation 
  • Product analysis 
  • Reviewing third party documentation
  • System performance analysis 
  • Migration planning 
  • Systems analysis

With years of business, comes years of valuable experience. We don’t have to write code to provide benefit to your business, sometimes our consultancy services can provide the critical help you need to find the answers your business needs to move forward. Problem solving for technical and business processes is at the heart of all we do and we can bring these skills to benefit your business.

From choosing an initial forward-thinking strategy through to planning a project decommission, our combination of software and business experience could provide just the insight you’re looking for. As software developers, we understand everything about software: from the design and creation through to the user deployment and on to the maintenance phase.

This detailed understanding of the entire process means we can help you avoid or mitigate the risks associated with many development projects. We want to ensure our consultancy projects deliver real value to your business so we’ll always agree exactly what deliverables you want from our work and we’ll deliver them with straight talk and using real world solutions.

Fresh input from people with wide experience, a deep technology understanding and are completely independent can be invaluable. And like everything we do we focus on results.

If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.

Finding the Problem

If there's a problem, we'll findit and sort it for you.

Rapid response

When time is important we mobilise and get the work done

Getting back on track

This is where we thrive we specialise in turning failed project into a success.


We have the capacity to help and deliver, no matter the size or need.

We simply succeed where others fail.

It’s a fact that a large proportion of IT projects fail. Yet we have a 100% success record. Should your project be in ‘difficulties’, for any reason, we can help and bring our experience and track record to your project. We’re well versed at getting up to speed quickly and have the agility to respond when you need us.

Our broad range of skills across languages, databases, operating systems and related technologies means we can quickly assign the right team for the job.

We’re proud to have successfully delivered projects in the past where we have taken over from others suppliers that have failed.

For obvious reasons, we won't talk too much about them but as examples of projects we’ve rescued:

  • An infrastructure system for an Insurance company let down by their FTSE 100 supplier.
  • An internal resource unable to deliver a reporting tool after 12 months effort that we subsequently delivered within four months.
  • An existing supplier saw the opportunity to take advantage of a friendship believing they had no other option. We took over and delivered significant remodelling so it was fit for purpose with significant saving.
  • Development of financial trading portal aggregating data through API'S was rescued and subsequently remodelled to perform correctly and deliver to POC stage within 4 months.

We speak your Language

Sometimes you need to move on from your existing supplier or overstretched internal resources. Given that coding styles can vary so widely and there’s no telling the level of bugs hidden and ready to pounce, most suppliers don’t want to touch someone else’s source code with a barge pole.

Understanding your business

The key to success is understanding and with experience and expertise.

Rapid Response

We have the resources to put in place whenever and wherever you need them.

Seeing a project through

We have the resources to put in place whenever and wherever you need them.

Smooth Handover

Business continuity is our priority. So let us take over the responsibility.

If you've got the source code, we can take it on.

The last thing you want is to be stuck with the current situation or having to throw away your investment and start again. It’s not good for your business or you. So this is where we can help, and we love a challenge. We’re not afraid of hard work and the surprises that come with ‘other people’s code’. The trick is to get confident in the existing system before exploring new phases. We’ll do an assessment and give you a straight talking, unbiased opinion of what you’ve got and how we can move you forward. We’ve taken on existing systems of all sizes, technologies and complexities.

It does not matter what technology they use; we’re not afraid to help you out.