Albany Risk

A UK based Risk Management Company. Turning information into actionable intelligence.

Albany Risk is a risk-management, company based in the UK. We enable our clients to mitigate risk on a global scale in an ever more complex and evolving world.

We are committed to protecting personnel, assets, profits and reputation. By building partnerships and creating tailored solutions, we enable you to make critical decisions relating to complex problems.

With ongoing support and the use of our infrastructure, we give you the confidence to manage and grow your business in demanding environments.


"You can't build a reputation on what you are going to do" - Henry Ford

In a world where obtaining relevant information is becoming more complex, Albany Risk will keep you informed and one step ahead.

We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the market and work alongside industry organisations and bodies to keep fully up-to-date on developments within the areas we operate. Our connections enable us to keep abreast of new legislation and government policy, along with our ongoing investment in technology, people, intelligence sources and surveillance systems. All this ensures we provide targeted, factual and cost-effective services.

We are a young dynamic company embracing a mixture of current technology, traditional techniques and values.

We work closely with our clients providing tailored risk-mitigation and intelligence solutions.

Our highly trained team provides a range of services to the insurance, legal and finance industries. We pride ourselves on continually engaging with the latest advances in both technology and information gathering tools, allowing us to provide an industry-leading cost-effective and professional service with the most up-to-date and accurate information about the subject of every investigation.


You can view more information on our services by downloading our brochures:

Surveillance operations are the most effective method in gathering information on an individual or group of people.

Albany Risk has the latest in covert technology, often unavailable outside of government circles. We believe in intelligence driven observations by utilising information from our ORA platform, coupled with highly trained operatives we ensure quality, effective and innovative solutions.

ORA is our patent pending specialist software that automatically searches the deep web, social media, forums and subscription databases to collate relevant information, enabling us to develop a profile on an individual with unprecedented depth, information and accuracy.

ORA is a full-spectrum intelligence platform that enables the user to turn vast amounts of data (be it publicly available on the internet, or private corporate data) into actionable intelligence.

Read more about ORA

ALBANY RISK provides an online research facility that focuses on quality information retrieval, validation and analysis. Our highly trained team will search for the most relevant information that links to your customer and produce an online intelligence assessment. Our product is not a list of links to websites but quality intelligence to help your business identify risk, customer activity and assist in the development of claims management action plans.

"Every two days, we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilisation up until 2003" - Eric Schmidt, previous CEO of Google

Albany Risk provides evidence-based analysis of a subject (individual or company) in order to identify any undue regulatory, compliance or professional risks posed by association to the client in working directly with or accepting the subject as a partner. We will deliver context and analysis of concerns whilst immediately identifying red flag issues.

Albany Risk utilises specialist software to scour the deep web and social networks complemented with human intelligence to build an extensive organised crime map.

This service expands the client's capabilities to monitor, identify and confirm relationships between individuals and appreciate the intricate well-structured nature of financial/organised crime.

Albany Risk can provide extensive intelligence on the day to day activities of your global business partners/associates, politically exposed people (PEPs) and agents: how they conduct themselves, their business, and with whom they are associated. This would involve reviewing proprietary and industry related open-source databases offering extensive cover of international media publications, news sites, international corporate directories, legal cases, regulatory and sanctions registers. This material would then be complemented by targeted human intelligence to identify and assess any credible information.

Albany Risk can also continue to monitor/review these entities to ensure that standards are maintained in the future.


Corporate Investigation

Law firms, corporates, investors, financial institutions, government bodies, litigation lawyers and regulators all utilise Albany Risk's investigation services. Our reach extends into virtually every corner of the world. No matter where an investigation leads our insight into geographic challenges, cultural nuances, business practices and regulatory frameworks helps us gather findings from the most credible and useful sources. Combined with our own in house technology we are known for delving deeper, for uncovering the connections or relationships that provide crucial context for the facts we discover.

Our investigation team possesses years of experience: in the fields of intelligence gathering; law enforcement; criminal justice and civil litigation; investigative journalism, accounting and forensics; data analytics and cyber security.

Clients find our combined approach and third party independence particularly valuable when faced with complex fraud, financial or cyber investigations, separating fact from fiction and truth from opinion.

Reputational Risk Management

Albany Risk provides a Compromise Response Plan (CRP) to its clients to aid in reputation risk management.

Our unique Compromise Response Plan (CRP) is tailored individually to each of our clients depending on the service they use. These are produced with the input of specialists from several departments within Albany Group including legal, HR, communications and senior management. The CRP can be adapted to any situation and to each client to match their specific areas and levels of risk.

Albany Risk provide a review and monitoring service for politically exposed people (PEPs). Albany Risk have subscriptions and access to all the major global proprietary databases, as well as our own in house technology, which provides you essentially with one point of access to all the open/closed source information available. This has been developed to demonstrate that proportionate measures have been taken within the due diligence process.

We also define and evaluate between a ‘normal PEP’, high-risk PEPs, former PEPs and foreign and domestic PEPs. Relying solely on commercial PEPs’ databases as the only identity tool in cases of high-risk customers is not always fully sufficient. PEPs’ databases are not comprehensive and can vary greatly in their coverage of different geographical regions and depth of content.

Our reviews look extensively into several areas of the PEPs’ due diligence process, including:

  • Customers’ political connections or associated individuals
  • Immediate family and known close associates or connections (nationality, residency, country of incorporation)
  • High-risk countries or those subject to financial sanctions
  • Customers’ profession/industry sector
  • Source of customer wealth involvement in public contracts

When required, Albany Risk can add further value to the open-source research by using targeted human intelligence to identify and assess any negative information.

When reviewing our services with current customers, they have informed us that by using a third-party company to assist in their current due diligence process they have received positive feedback from several regulatory boards and the wider public and press. It is seen to hold greater credibility than when solely relying on their in-house due diligence teams.

Albany Risk assists clients who are involved in complex or hostile mergers and acquisitions in developed and developing markets

Working alongside financial, legal and PR advisors our team provides vital intelligence and protects our client's reputation, communications, people and assets. Whether your business is looking for opportunities in new markets, assessing competitive conditions or facing a hostile takeover, our professionals provide an insight into the opportunities and threats that you face. We consistently deliver timely information and intelligence to allow our clients to achieve their goals.

This service provides constantly updated analysis of the current business conditions, economic prospects and risks globally.

You will receive objective up-to-minute analysis of the key factors driving a country, regional, and global markets:

  • Economic analysis, data and forecasts
  • Political analysis
  • Regulatory analysis, tax laws and impacts
  • Operational conditions
  • Security and risk analysis
  • Our research and analysis, in-depth country reports, risk ratings and forecasts enable you to evaluate market opportunities and risk anywhere globally